Hopefully, we’re close to being finished with home repairs. But we had something else crop up that I haven’t written about because it’s never happened to us before!

A bad result on a blood test! My husband gets two blood tests a year. His weight is the cause of it, I admit. If he would lose at least 30 pounds, all of his problems would disappear. He takes medication to keep it under control.

Imagine our surprise when we got a call from the doctor’s office to say one of his readings was off the chart and to have an ultrasound immediately. We panicked!

The call came in on a Tuesday and the ultrasound was performed on Thursday. The technician said we would receive a call from the doctor on Friday with the results.

We waited all day, our hearts heavy and scared. At four o’clock, I couldn’t stand it anymore and called the office. His doctor is on vacation this week and won’t be back until Monday.

I told them, that’s not good enough. Could another doctor read it for us if it’s that critical? The receptionist said she would see what she could do.

We got a call from the office an hour later telling us that his doctor will talk to us on Monday after he reads it.

He’s going to be swamped on Monday when he gets back. Do they realize the agony they have put us through?