Why I chose this book today is because I’m ready to write a sequel to it. I have had ten days of hell with home repair.

Last August, we had a breaker blow out in one of our upstairs bedrooms. When the service man came, he encountered my husband (normally I’m the one to handle service men who work on commission) and he talked my husband into a free maintenance check on our heating and air conditioner for $150.  My husband is a salesperson and why he didn’t see this, I’m clueless. When I came home, I said to my husband, what did you do? The company specialized in electricity, not a/c and furnace? This company continued to plague me and we had paid money which was not refundable, so I said, fine. Come out but only check one unit because the other one is still under warranty.

They came out and found everything wrong with it. They even performed a service on it without consulting me and cost me $500. I could have a band aid repair for $6000 or a new unit at $16,500. Are you freaking kidding me?

I called my trusty service and they provided me with a free second opinion check up. Taking the list from the first company, they painstakingly went through the service report and the only thing they found wrong was that the unit uses Freon gas and it needs to be converted to today’s industry standard. The repair, even though expensive, was nothing compared to what the first quote was.

Next? My husband chose to work from home on Tuesday because he had a dentist appointment which involved out patient surgery. When I signed online before him, we had no Internet or land line service. I called Frontier and they tried to help me but couldn’t. They arranged for a technician to come on Wednesday. What about today? My husband figured out how to get online by using his work cell phone and I too could use his phone for my work,

The a/c repair came the same day as this. He had to turn off the air in order to repair the unit. It was 99 degrees that day. Then, the bolt broke off the new part and he had to go to down town Dallas to pick up a new one. A long hot day.

A breaker blew out in our guest bedroom but I’m not calling that company and researching someone else who doesn’t pay their workers on commission.

I’m not done yet!

Wednesday. The pool. The Polaris, (pool cleaner) is at least seven years old. Every year we’ve had it repaired because the price of a new one is $600 – $800. Guess what? It’s not working. My pool man gets a kick out of telling me these things because I wear my emotions on my face. Not only that, the pump it uses is broken too. I called the office to okay the repair and the girl cheerfully tells me it will cost at least $600 for the pump and probably $250 to repair the Polaris.

Frustrated, I’m doing laundry while all of this is going on and I throw the last load into the dryer. It won’t start. I know my husband will explode when I tell him. I asked him to unplug it, since I can’t reach it and that doesn’t work. He doesn’t say a word. After dinner, he went into his man cave and ordered me a new dryer to be delivered on Saturday. I was told not to do laundry at all until Saturday.

Are you kidding me? This household? Between the towels and the sheets, I can’t maintain it. I don’t want to spend 5 hours doing laundry. Oh? Flower Mound does not have a coin operated laundry facility. The closest ones were at least twenty miles away and in undesirable areas. I thought about it and remembered a club I joined when I first moved here, many women didn’t do laundry at home. They sent it all to the cleaners, because they didn’t have the time.

I don’t operate that way. Thank goodness for the hot and dry conditions. I did my wash and draped the towels on my patio furniture to dry. It only took thirty minutes tops and they were done. A little scratchy but at least they were clean!

The dryer arrived on Saturday morning and works like a charm. It doesn’t match the washer, but I don’t care. I have a feeling it too will join the dryer in laundromat heaven.