I am so excited! I signed my contract with Resplendence Publishing this week! The Sin Bin, is scheduled for a 9/7/2016 release date.

It has been a hectic week and I lost my patience and broke into tears. I know people face worse problems than I have. But when little things keep happening and you try and fix them but can’t, it is so frustrating.

I do my writing full time. That is my job. I also take care of the day to day running of a house hold. Grocery shopping, appointments, repair appointments, lawn work, laundry and other duties as assigned. This leaves my husband to do his job full time without any interruptions.

I have to admit, my husband is not happy with me being a full time author. I have published six books, but my publisher switched genres and my seventh book was rejected. It’s been over a year while I’ve tried to find a home for it.  Yes, I’m getting small royalties but not as much as I had hoped. It was accepted by Resplendence Publisher but I wasn’t sure about the release date. My husband would prefer I had at least a part time job. The hard part with trying to find a job for me is my age and the fact my husband has five weeks of vacation and uses them. Try telling that to a potential employer. They laugh in your face. I even said I would take them without pay and I don’t need insurance because I’m covered under my husband’s. This came about because a friend of ours, who is in the same business as my husband, was let go after ten years of service. He told my husband they were getting by because his wife has a job and they were living off of her paycheck. Hint, hint, hint. I hate to be nagged at…but I’m getting off track here.

Back to my frustrations. We subscribe to the daily paper. We are paper readers and always have been. We like to do all the puzzles in the paper and photocopy them so I can do mine and my husband can do his. For the last three months, we’ve been having problems with the delivery. First month, the carrier would throw the paper in the puddles in the street. Or they would only put one cover on during a torrential rain storm. I made three calls and the paper was delivered two hours later.

Second month was Russian Roulette. Would we get a paper or not. More calls to Customer Service. You think that they would see a problem here, but no. Finally I got a hold of a manager who oversees our area. He told me that he was having a problem with finding someone to deliver it. It was between him and his assistant to cover our area. The paper came for three days and then no more. I called again and the rudest and incompetent person answered. She kept interrupting me saying, “It is on it’s way.” I asked to speak to a supervisor and she said I couldn’t. I hung up on her. I looked up the contacts in the Circulation Department and found a name. I emailed my experience with the delivery and a response came immediately. He apologized and said the problem would be rectified.

In the meantime, my husband’s beloved car was issuing an error message and he was concerned. He looked it up in the book and asked me to call our repair shop. I did and it was a serious problem where the car had to be towed to the shop. I met my husband there and he used my car for two days while his car was being repaired. My daughter needed her car, so I was stuck without transportation for two days, I hate being without a car!

Since this happened all at once, I broke down into tears of frustration. I woke up the next day and I had a paper. I also has a contract for The Sin Bin and a royalty check from my previous publisher and the car was fixed; the repair covered under warranty.

Life is good until I start the washing machine and the start button falls off. Here we go….MeetAuthor_SliderImg