It’s been a productive week. I’ve been working on the rough draft of my Holiday Cruise Romance book, which I haven’t yet decided on a name. Last night while sleeping, I woke up knowing just how to end it. I came upstairs to my office and jotted down the ending. I’ll finish it up tomorrow and then my self editing will begin. I will then turn it over to my two muses who have helped me with my other books.

My car was fixed to the tune of $$$$.$$. Yikes. It’s a 2002, with only fifty-five thousand miles on it and it still had the original spark plugs. You see, where we live in Texas, everything is within a five mile or less radius. I don’t have to go far at all. I drove more miles when I lived in Pennsylvania.

It is hot, but not Phoenix hot. My neighbors are ready to kill me, but I mowed the lawn at 7 am on Friday. The temperature was 77 and by the time I finished at 8, it had jumped up to 84. I sweated through two frog towels and had endless bottles of water. I know I could hire someone to do it, but I like the exercise since I’m on a constant health kick.

I don’t understand how people can run or jog in the heat of the day when the ‘feels like’ temperature in 101 or higher. What are they trying to prove????

The scariest thing with heat like this, is when you think your a/c unit isn’t working properly. That happened on Friday, when the upstairs went up to 88 and the unit was running like crazy. Husband to the rescue. He set the thermostat back to 73 and pressed “Hold” (it’s an old thermostat) and sure enough by night, it had gone down to 73. After replacing a unit damaged by hail three years ago, they ain’t cheap!