With all the travelling I’ve done, you would think I know how to plan a vacation. Ha! I need to organize the aftermath for when I get home. We got home on Sunday and I was off and running errands. Finally, I put my foot down on Thursday and said enough is enough! I need my writing time!

Sunday was grocery shopping. Monday, I mowed the lawn. Tuesday, I wrote for an hour. When my husband came home from work in a drenching rain storm, his baby had a flat tire. I called AAA and they came and put the spare on for him. On Wednesday, he took my car so I could take his baby to Goodyear to fix the tire, get an oil change and an alignment as if I didn’t have anything else to do. He called me on my cell phone. He told me there was no answer on our landline and did I know the key fob for my car wouldn’t lock and had I taken his baby to Goodyear yet? Really?

I told him to leave it unlocked. If someone wanted to steal it they could. No, I didn’t know the phone didn’t work and it’s only 8:00 and I haven’t even taken a shower.

Took the baby only driving ten  miles an hour in the pouring rain to Goodyear. I had a ride, so I came home and called Frontier on my cell phone. The wait time was 45 minutes. But they fixed it and all was fine. At two, Goodyear called and said the baby was done.

That left Thursday and Friday to write. I pray that next week is uneventful!