I have had an awesome week! First off, I found a home for The Sin Bin! Can’t wait to begin this new chapter in my life.

Second of all, I had a great weekend. Hubby and I went shopping for new pots and pans together. There are plenty of restaurants to chose from around here, but lately have had bad experiences with the staff such as wrong orders, cold food and long waits. We have done more cooking at home and found we like it. I received my pots and pans for my wedding shower years ago. The reason they’ve lasted so long is because I really didn’t do much cooking.

When I lived in Chicago and Pennsylvania, there is a company called Market Days which sold prepared meals through the school system. Having a full time job and a baby, I loved this concept. All I had to do with heat things up.

There is no Market Days in Texas and I learned new recipes and am still having fun discovering new dishes. When my husband made a dinner recently, he commented on how used my cookware was. With the Mother Day sale at Kohl’s, I got a beautiful set from Cuisinart. I also ran to Bed, Bath and Beyond to get additional items to spruce up my kitchen.

This morning, my husband treated me to breakfast at….don’t laugh, Waffle House! It’s a once a year tradition based on my favorite movie Tin Cup. It’s where Kevin Costner, Renee Russo and crew argue over breakfast, which Waffle House was better. Was it in Midland or Odessa? When we first moved to Texas, I made a point to drive there just to see where. Only me!

Working on my next book, currently untitled but have made great strides with it. I’m feeling inspired!