I am a big supporter of my local library. (Libraries these days are something else but that is another story I’ll get into later.)

I love books and eReaders because I love to read. Four times a year, our library has a book sale of older books, paperbacks, DVD’s, etc. to help support the library. I faithfully go to these sales because I can find books I want to read that are no longer being printed. Let’s say I’ve discovered an author who has been writing for quite a while and I want to read some of their older material. I can always find what I want.

However, last year I asked if I could advertise my book signing at the library, I was told no. They don’t support it. Okay. I thought that a little strange but I’ve learned the hard way, things are done differently in Texas. It’s better to shrug your shoulders and accept it.

Imagine my surprise when I walked into the library for the book sale, there were two authors promoting their books. I guess the rules had changed and I felt miffed, but decided to let it go. When I spoke with the two authors; a women in her early twenties and the other around my age., I introduced myself as a fellow author. I told them I had tried to do the same thing last year but the library would’t allow it.

The older women flipped through her phone looking up the books I’ve had published. She told me the reason why is because my books are only available on Amazon and B&N, so therefore I was not a real author. My books are not in print.

You could’ve knocked me over with a feather. I didn’t even bother looking at her $14.99 ‘signed’ copy and left.