I know this book isn’t selling very well, but the story comes from my heart and my experience with the LPGA.

As you know, my husband is an avid golfer and frequents a golf store in Grapevine Texas. He wanted his clubs re-gripped, so he brought them in to have that done. When they were done, the store employee called me to let me know they were ready. When I went to pick them up, one of the LPGA’s leading player was there holding a contest for the longest drive. I stopped and looked around at the crowd and it tugged at my heart. There were about two hundred preteens in attendance, most of the dads (the golfer is extremely good looking) and the adoration in their eyes brought me to my knees.

I stopped what I was doing and paid attention. The LPGA player gave the girls an inspiring story of how she got started and urged the girls to never give up and follow their dreams. She insisted that they could do it.

You know girls at that age are very insecure and need role models such as she for inspiration. I was very impressed and researched her story. It is an amazing one and I’m very proud of the LPGA!

No, my story is my story and not hers but I wanted to bring the organization to everyone’s attention!