The Sin Bin is done with the editing! I’ve run it through two software programs, my daughter and an angel who offered to edit it for me. It has taken me three months. I’ve never worked so hard on a book in my life. Maybe a term paper or two. My husband has his Masters Degree in International Relations. I typed  and edited many term papers for him which were very tedious. I gave myself a pat on the back when ‘we’ received an A.

In my Music Theory class while working on  my Masters, I had to write a paper comparing two Russian composers, measure by measure which turned out to be exhausting. You’d think I’d be a pro at this.

And let’s not forget my daughter’s term papers which we received good grades and compliments.

I think the most frustrating part of writing fiction is the strict adherence to no adverbs and passive voice. Every book I’ve read by popular authors are guilty of this, yet their editors don’t seem to mind.

Double standards is an unfortunate way of life.