My vacation is almost over. As usual, I acted in a typical workaholic manner by working on my book three times over the week. When we vacation, my husband usually plays golf three times. He goes on as a single and meets interesting people and enjoys their company.

You have to understand, he is a salesman for a craft company and interacts with women all day long. He is a guy’s guy who loves sports. He can only talk about doilies for so long with women. The friends we have in Dallas are not golfers, so he enjoys meeting guys who are golfers and share similar interests that do not involve doilies.  If he’s happy, I’m happy.

I will read and hang out at the pool while he’s on these excursions. This time, the weather was too cool for swimming and I sat inside reading. I felt guilty and turned on the laptop and edited The Sin Bin. At first, I said I would only do a page and that was it. One page turned into two, then three.

After the first round of golf, my husband came back to the condo and caught me red handed. He made me feel guilty because this vacation was for me to relax and not worry about the book. I promised him I would put it aside and I did. That lasted three days, but I did finish a chapter!

Our daughter watched our house while we were gone, so I felt relaxed about things. Tuesday, at six in the morning, someone knocked on our door. Scared the living daylights out of me. I looked out the peep hole and saw a small man with dark hair with his back to the door, muttering like crazy. I called for my husband but the man ran away.

I went back to bed, but felt uneasy. Then I heard my phone ding with a text. I got up again to look who would be texting me at this hour. It was my daughter. A straight line storm had gone through our town, with the tornado sirens blaring. She was in the closet underneath the staircase, scared for her life. I called her to make sure she was okay but the house had damage to it. The winds had gusted to 86 mph knocking down trees and our fence. But when this storm moved to the town next to ours, it had blossomed into a tornado. We were lucky to have minimal (but expensive) damage.

For the rest of the vacation, I went with my husband while he golfed and met the nicest people. Palm Springs is a beautiful city but I couldn’t afford to live there. We called it Bentley City because that was the most popular car on the road!

I’m home. The first day back, I dealt with home repair and yes, I’m working on the book too. And what’s with the time change? Yuck! I do not like ‘springing’ ahead. I like to sleep!