Still working on The Sin Bin. It’s a long, tedious editing process making the manuscript as professional as can be. I’m using a trial software program which catches adverbs, grammatical errors, writing styles, sticky sentences, cliches, sentence length, overused words, etc, etc. The downside is when I write, it’s my voice. I never realized I spoke so poorly.

However, a program isn’t all you need. You still need to have a human being (who hasn’t read the darn thing over one hundred times) read it so it makes sense. I have my mentor looking over what I’ve corrected and has thankfully pointed out where I can still keep my voice and have it grammatically correct. Darn. Too many adverbs.

On another topic, what has happened to customer service? If you’re a professional and have clients who depend on your services, shouldn’t they be treated with respect? If you say you’re going to do something but don’t, would it be too hard to say, “Sorry, I can’t do it.” Or if an emergency came up and you had to cancel an appointment, is it so hard to either text or call your client that the appointment has to be cancelled? And not leave the client sitting there waiting for you, wondering what happened?