There have been a couple of accomplishments this week. They are small, but I’ll take what I can get!

Editing is a slow process. I’m using software which has found tons of errors. I need to be careful as to not lose my voice. There are just things we say which can’t be corrected by a program. A good example is a round of golf.  If you end the sentence with the word round, the program picks it up as error because you’ve ended the sentence with a preposition. There are other examples where I have to say (and I talk to myself), I don’t agree! But I’m getting there. I’m also using a mentor to review my changes…a human being.

Second, my walking is getting so much better. It’s been over two weeks since the boot came off, but I’m forcing myself to take walks every day, going a further than I did the day before. The muscles still look like a bowl of jello and thank goodness for jeans to hide it. Because I’m a short person, I wear heels all the time. The doctor advised me to put a hold on that until I get my full strength back. I own only two pairs of sneakers versus thirty pairs of heels…..I feel so short!

On a sad note, I hope you will say a prayer for an online friend. When we lived in Reading, PA, we joined the Chicago Bears Fan Club in Lancaster. For fourteen years, every Sunday during football season, we would drive to Lancaster to watch the Bears’ games. These people became our family. We all still keep in touch. This young man, Sean Powell, joined the group after we moved. He made it to the game when the Bears played Dallas and our Lancaster family asked us to take care of him. I chatted with him on FB, but we never connected at the game. He got lost and then texted back, he would meet us the next time the Bears played Dallas in Arlington.

This week, on his way to the Daytona races, he was in a horrible car accident. He was unresponsive and air lifted to the ER. His mother came out okay, but the prognosis is not good for Sean. He’s in his upper twenties and has so much more of life to live.  Prayers!