This has been a crazy week. Every day, it’s been one thing or another. Car repair, car registration renewal and waiting for deliveries. I need a day where nothing is going on. Ha!

We belong to two wine clubs; one in Williamsburg, VA and the other in Fredricksburg, TX. Both had deliveries scheduled for last Monday. One used UPS and the other used Fed Ex. In the seven years I’ve lived here, not once has the delivery been before five in the evening.

On Monday, after an intensive morning at the library working on The Sin Bin, I got home at noon to find a note on the door saying that I had missed the UPS delivery. I couldn’t believe it. Before noon? The note said they would deliver it the next day. That’s fine.

Tuesday, I’m working again on editing upstairs in my office when the door bell rings. Now, you remember, I’m recovering from a broken ankle building my muscles back up in my leg. Stairs take some time. By the time I got downstairs, the driver had taken off. Now I’m angry.

I called UPS to complain and also to tell them I wouldn’t be home on Wednesday because I have an appointment with the car dealership and I don’t know how long it would take. Could I please have the delivery moved to Thursday instead of Wednesday. It will cost me six dollars. She suggested they could deliver it to their distribution center in downtown Dallas. Not an option. Also, if I didn’t receive it by the end of the business day on Thursday, it would be returned to the sender. Pressure!

Fed Ex came at 11:30 and UPS came at noon. Note to self; you are at the mercy of others.

Writing or should I say editing. I am determined to get this book published if it kills me. I have painstakingly taken apart each sentence to make sure it’s grammatically correct. I have found some free software to help me along. It’s not perfect and I don’t mind another set of eyes to look at the chapters I’ve done. It’s taken me a week to do three chapters. There are twenty-four chapters.

The houses want perfect manuscripts and that’s what I plan to deliver to them!