Heard from my music school mates! Talking about our college days and how much fun they were. We miss our professors and were truly blessed to have such good and patient teachers. A lot of my friends are still performing and teaching!

Back to my new career of being an author. I did it. I totally rewrote and finished The Sin Bin. I submitted it to the editor who rejected it. She gave me very good advice and I tried to follow it as she explained.

Other news, my ankle. I go back to the doctor this Wednesday for the next leg (lol) of this journey. To me, this was bittersweet. Never take things for granted. I miss exercising and driving like crazy. I have modified my work out routine so I can still do some things, but not everything. Because of it, it forced me to face my demons and rewrite my story.

Keep your fingers crossed for me, please? My story and my ankle turn out okay!