Just to let you know, I’m getting pretty good at walking with the boot! The only problems I’m having is the mind set. I want it all fixed and I want it NOW! I want to run up and down the stairs; I want to go on my long walks again, I want to work out. All the things I took for granted, I really appreciate them even more now.

It could be worse. One of my favorite Chicago Bulls players had his shoulder separated while playing the Mavericks this ¬†week. He had to have surgery to fix it and will be in a cast for four to six months. It’s his right shoulder and he’s right handed. So, I’ve decided not to complain about my ankle.

Back to The Sin Bin. I’m almost done editing and then something hit me towards the end. Now, I have to go back and fix something that was fundamentally wrong with the story. Good thing I caught it now.

I do a lot of reading and I’ve read some pretty bad books but said, whatever. This week I picked up a book by a new author and I could’t even finish it. That is very rare for me. Her writing was superb, but it was the story. I like dom books but I don’t like it when the heroine is defeated and controlled. I’ve spent many years fighting for women’s rights and this story put the heroine back in the cave man era.