It’s been a busy new year so far. I started rewriting The Sin Bin based on the advice from the editor who rejected it. She is right and I am making it a better written story. I didn’t realize how many times I used the word ‘really’. I find myself writing how I speak.

I’m only on the sixth chapter and I’ve cut 5000 words. Seventeen more chapters to go….

Also, I got my cast off!! Woo Hoo! Now I have one of those boots. I’m such a little person and it looks gigantic on me.

The only thing that perturbed me is three weeks ago, the doctor told me I’d only have to wear the boot for three weeks. This time he told me four. The thing is, I can’t drive and I’m going nuts! I’m such a backseat driver, my husband and daughter are ready to put tape over my mouth when they take me somewhere!

When I was fitted, the nurse told me I’ll be fine walking with it.I took one step and almost fell. The sole is a curved bubble designed to work your ankle and build up your muscles again. Heel, toe, Heel, toe. I was scared to death and spent most of the day on my scooter.

At night, my husband scolded me for being a baby. He said if I don’t even try, it will take even longer. I took a stab at walking my scooter and it soon became easier and before bed, I could stand on it without assistance. Now I have the mantra; Heel, Toe, Don’t slouch. So much work!

Each day gets better. I get tired easily because this is more physical work than I’ve had for five weeks, but I’ll do it! Let the countdown begin…..