Week two with the cast. I’m sorry I’m being such a big baby. There are people with worse problems so I must keep that in perspective!

So, on a brighter note, I’ve been really working on my writing! Since I can’t properly work out and I can’t drive, I sit at my makeshift office (the dining room and thank goodness no one is coming over for the holidays) and type away. It’s quiet (with the exception of the twelve phone calls a day from telemarketers asking for the political polls) and I can concentrate.

I’ve done my Christmas cards and shopping, so this is perfect to get things done in the writing department.

Because of this, my daughter is exploring her culinary skills now she is responsible for making the dinner. My husband is helping out. Last week, I sent him to the grocery store and he came back with a two hundred dollar grocery bill with food that we don’t usually eat.

This week, we went ‘together’ with my scooter and the bill was under one hundred dollars with food we do eat.

Because I can’t use the stairs (because I’m a klutz), we now sit in  the same room and actually communicate with each other.

So, all in all, with the exception of a few things, this has been a positive situation!