LoisKaszniaI’m sorry to announce my manuscript, The Sin Bin, has been rejected by the second publisher.  The first editor rejected it because it wasn’t Erotic or Amish genre. This publisher loved the concept but there were writing errors.

The editor gave me very good advice to correct the bad habits I’ve fallen into.

I have a tendency to tell rather than show situations. I also have used too many adverbs which made the manuscript way too long. Anything over 100,000 words is a flag to an editor that it’s been over written.

I admit I felt crushed at first but then I felt a ray of hope. I sat down and opened up the document. Using the examples the editor had pointed out to me, I began my corrections, a paragraph at a time. Is there a more descriptive way to write this in less words? Do I really need that adverb?

It’s a long tedious process, but I am determined to complete it and hopefully resubmit it.

This happened with my first book, When the Runway Went South. LazyDay told me what was wrong and I rewrote it and it was accepted. I hope this editor will do the same!

I’ve put my other two books aside for the moment so I can correct this one.

Things happen for a reason, I’m positive. Due to my broken ankle, I have time to sit down and complete this project.