Gimpy here, reporting in! Yes, my ankle is still sprained and swollen but it is getting a little better. I am a bad patient. Let’s face it. I can’t sit still. Yes, I put up my holiday decorations. Yes, I vacuumed the house. Yes, I tried Black Friday shopping standing in long lines….

It was a productive time for me, I have to admit. I have written an outline for another manuscript but not sure which way I’m going to go with it. This makes three books I’m working on. When I tell people I’m an author, they open up to me and tell me the most amazing stories ever. There is so much life going on out there; some good, some bad.

The weather here in Texas is making me crazy. It’s been raining for five straight days now. This is the wettest year in Texas, EVER! I can handle the clouds but I still need my sunshine! Now, they’re saying maybe Monday afternoon.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!