1WhenTheRunwayWentSouth_SliderImgSunday is not a day of rest in the Kasznia household. It is a day of appliance breakdowns. This house did inspire my first published book.

Of course, I’m upset about my ankle. Even though it happened a week ago, it does not feel any better and I’m tired of it. I think I’ll break down and call the doctor. It’s just that I’ve racked up so many medical bills this year with my SVT.

We drink boxed wine as well as bottles. Whoever opened the new Merlot box didn’t close it properly so when we opened the door to get our orange juice, our fridge was soaking in Merlot. So, here at 7 in the morning, we’re cleaning out the fridge. It did need it but I don’t know about you, sometimes I need the right frame of mind to tackle a chore like that. I didn’t have time to even think!

While doing that, the stone fell out of my earring. Thank goodness for Gorilla glue.

Why is is so cold in here? We did have our first freeze of the year. The downstairs heater isn’t working. The upstairs is fine and our fireplace is working. Thinking of the cost to call on a Sunday warrants us to wear sweatshirts and call on Monday. All before noon!

Other than life, I have been writing on my two books while still waiting word on my submission of my seventh book. The thing is, even more characters are making their appearances as I write. It’s becoming a really funny story! Can’t wait to see how it ends.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!