I don’t care how old I get but it will never stop. Waiting is the hardest part for me. My soul is saying to be patient and things will work out for the best. It might not be according to my plan but to remember, I’m not the only one in the universe!

To all my followers, I thank you very much for reading my books. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. If you liked the first one, I think you’ll like the others! I feel my writing has improved since the first one due to the wonderful editors who have helped me along the way!

Now to the rain! Can you believe it? We’ve had fifteen inches of rain in the spring, then fell into another drought. All of were thinking, ‘here we go again’, and bam! We here only got around eight to nine inches but our poor neighbors to the south of Dallas were inundated with up to twenty plus inches. Now they’re forecasting another round for next weekend.

Sending prayers to my friend, Barbara Huffert. Beau, her beautiful cat of five years, is under the weather and needs all the help he can get! Cutest little guy!