5ForTheLoveOfPar_SliderImgIt has been a hectic week! I’ve had ups and downs and still have to work hard. I want to thank the RWA staff in guiding me out of an uncomfortable situation and making suggestions to further my writing career. Kudos!

The good news is my books are selling but sales have been disappointing with Not Just an Act and For the Love of  Par. I need to find a way to boost them and am exploring options.

I always try to see the good in people and that’s my downfall. I don’t want to be cynical but I can’t help it at times. What is with people?

Example: Here in Texas, we have a chain of super gas stations such as Loves and Buckee’s. I’ve never been to Buckee’s and my husband decided to stop for gas.

Being curious, I decided to scope it out while he filled up. I left my cell phone in the car not thinking I would need it. This place is like a super WalMart for Truckers! Goodness! I used the bathroom and went outside to the gas pumps, thinking my husband was still there. He wasn’t. I couldn’t find him or the car anywhere. I waited outside the front for about fifteen minutes and yes, I started to panic. There was a woman, a mom, dressed in Baylor jersey with about five teenage girls, snapping their photos in front of the Buckee’s Beaver statue. They were taking their time, giggling over the pictures. I wanted to ask if I could use her cell phone to call my husband. I explained the situation to her and she just walked away and said she was too busy. I almost cried and cursed her, but I kept the Sicilian in me quiet.

I’m only five foot tall and was dressed nicely. I wasn’t going to rob her; I needed help. If the roles were reversed, I would’ve helped.

Fortunately, I spotted our car out of about eight hundred vehicles and ran to get my phone out. Sure enough, there was a text from him saying he was looking for me inside the store. When we hooked up, he told me never to go anywhere with out my phone and not to trust people. Be resourceful, he told me. Sad, isn’t it?