Football season! Monica, my website designer, has a daughter on the drill team of our local high school. They are hosting a craft fair today and I promised I would drop on by to see what they had. Goodness! They had almost everything. The big thing down here is home made wreaths for your front door. Most of them were sports themes with the local high school and Texas college teams. Yes, football is really big down here! They were so pretty, I’d be afraid that somebody would steal them. They were not cheap either!

Back to being an author/writing experiences. I’m in the early stages of my career as an author. Yes, I did get a late start but writing soothes me. It’s like playing the piano. Learning a new story and getting all the parts correct, so when it is read, it will be beautiful.

Just like music, your work is not liked by all. I get that and the only time it bothers me is when the criticism is negative just to say something mean. The more I read, I can tell by other authors they feel the same way. They have characters who are authors and you can tell they are speaking from their own experiences.

What really hurts is when you publisher seems to have given up on you. How do you fix that?