3FlagOnThePlay_SliderImgAnother Sunday filled with the NFL! Yahoo! Oh, wait! There’s golf on as well. I am a team Jordan follower! I think he is an amazing athlete!

And don’t forget Hockey starts soon as well!

No wonder I write books about sports since it’s on our television 24/7!

Who is going to watch the eclipse tonight? I am! I should take a nap since my characters from the book I’m working on, kept me up all night. I swear, the night is when my mind is the most active.

I’ve had a not so nice week. In the sense, I’ve been lied to. You would think with my life experiences, I would not be so naïve, but I trust people really have good intentions. I’m crushed when they don’t.

To cheer me up, we watched Hotel Transylvania and it improved my mood tremendously. Blah, Blah, Blah!