1WhenTheRunwayWentSouth_SliderImgThis week of my life reverts back to this book. What else can go wrong with things in our house? I’m afraid to ask. My husbands wants to stick a “For Sale” sign in the front yard and use the clause, ‘as is’.

I ask myself if we are the only other home owners who have problems?

So far this year, money wise, has been the pool. I love my pool, but what a money pit! New pump, new O-rings, the Polaris gone wild, you name it. And that’s just the motors! The surface needs to be redone and the pool’s interior needs fixing.

Stopped up sinks to the tune of $250. Ouch!

Landscaping – previous owners planted trees outside our bedroom windows for privacy and noise reduction because this room does face the street. Guess what? One half of it’s dying and we pay for grass, tree and shrub treatment.

Our rose bushes of six years have caught a disease and they’re all dying.

Our fence sorely needs to be replaced.

The ceiling in the master bath over the window needs to be fixed from some water damage from the ‘historic’ rain fall we experienced this spring.

And just when I thought that was it, the garage door is not working.

Dealing with service men here in Texas is a nightmare. Not only do they cost and arm and a leg, they’re always trying to sell you service contracts. Yes, they¬†advertise coupons for $50 off repair services but then turn around and charge you a fortune for the service call.

My week ahead, as I’m trying to write my next book, is dealing with all of this.. ugh!

Maybe I will have a sequel to When the Runway Went South!