I need to vent about our weekend. Sometimes, the airlines drive me crazy!

My husband is a frequent traveler and has been this way for over 22 years. He has accrued countless air miles along with experiences which have taught him what to avoid.

We attended his high school reunion in Chicago over the weekend. We had a split flight. We flew from DFW to Kansas City, then Kansas City to Chicago.

When we arrived in Chicago, our one checked bag was not in the baggage area. We filed a report on the missing bag and went to our hotel with the instructions the bag be delivered there.

Being seasoned travelers, we knew to pack essentials in our carry on bag, so we were good for the night, but visions of running to the closest mall to pickup clothes were daunting. I am petite and have problems finding clothes, where my husband is a tall man and suffers from the same thing.

Fortunately, our luggage arrived at 7 am, the next morning and things were fine.

Coming back on Monday, THE SAME THING HAPPENED! We checked our luggage at O’Hare on Flight 1046, to arrive at Dallas at 12:50 at Terminal C. Lo and behold, our luggage was not there. The baggage CSR checked to find that our bag had been put on Flight 2312, WITHOUT OUR KNOWLEDGE and was waiting for us in Terminal A.

I don’t know if anyone is familiar with DFW airport. It’s huge. No one offered to get the bag for us. We were told to take the bus from C to A to pick up our bag. We waited for 40 minutes for a bus to come, in the 105 heat. Driver’s excuse was that there were new drivers on the shift.

Put my writing skills to a test…how to complain effectively to get the desired results.

Only good news is? I’ve come up with another story for my books…