This has been a world wind of a summer so far and it’s not over yet!

Let’s see…went to a destination wedding; went to a mechanical bull riding party, had company over the 4th of July, submitted my hockey romance, The Sin Bin, (no word from the publisher whether or not they accepted it) and went to Branson, MO.

Which is why I posted my Not Just an Act, which is based in Branson. We did things we haven’t done from the last time we were there. We saw the other side of Branson which doesn’t have the shows; it’s where people really live. It is truly beautiful country with Table Rock Lake and the surrounding communities. And the boats? Whoa! I think that some of them cost more than the houses!

We had family with us and thanks to my brother in law, Dan, I now have a solid idea for my next book. The characters are really speaking to me. I need to buckle down and get busy!

Oh and the other thing? I passed driving my husband’s new car test with flying colors! Doesn’t mean I want to drive it. I’m still very attached to mine!