I am jealous about the Romantic Times convention being held here in Dallas. I didn’t know about it until it was too late and I missed the registration. I will keep my eyes peeled for next year. I would’ve loved to meet the authors who attended since they all have inspired me in my career. Next time.

I am working on my next book and am close to ending the story. My process is; I write freely until my back hurts and I need to stop. I then review what I’ve wrote; make changes and then come up with an ending. I then review my changes and if it’s flat. I rework scenes or sometimes during the middle of the night, I come up with something that would benefit this story. When I’m satisfied with it, I will submit it to my editor. However, with this story, I’m struggling for a title. All of my others, it was the title came first and then the story.

I feel that I’m a very organized person. I give myself a time table of when I want things done, especially with my writing. The problem is that life doesn’t always go along with my time table. Surgeries, car problems, weather (losing electricity) and little things like that seem to disrupt, but the upside is I have more experiences to write about!

And have I mentioned the floods in Texas this year? Yikes! I need an ark!