I did it! I had my first book signing of my life and I survived. Okay, I’m exaggerating a little. It was a Meet the Authors night at a local wine shop trying to support the town’s authors. I liked it because it was small and intimate. There was free wine plus appetizers provided by a chef, who too, is trying to promote his cookbook.

My friends and neighbors were there as well to lend me support. I don’t think I sold many books, but it was the exposure and experience that counted. I have spoken with our local Barnes and Noble and they said they too, support local authors. The lady I was to talk to had called in sick that day, so I will return on Wednesday to set up a time.

The other nice experience was to meet other authors and discuss our publishers and the editing process. It felt good to know my experiences were similar to theirs. We all agreed about reviews; a necessary evil. It still hurts when someone says something very unkind. I know I’ve had my share. One of the authors, whose genre is Science Fiction/Fantasy, said she had someone say to her…”Horrible plot and storyline. You need new drugs.” But, what are you going to do? You need to have some pretty thick skin in this line of work!

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