Cover Art for my new release on 4/23/2015!! Awesome!

I think one of the hardest things for an author is to get themselves marketed. I know the publisher helps, but you, as an author, have to do some work too. It’s only taken me six books to realize it.

Flag on the Play was one of my most popular books and my editor, Staci, recognized it immediately. She promoted it to friends and peers and the sales took off.

Not so much of Not Just an Act or For the Love of Par. From my fans, I’ve received positive feedback on both of them, but not from the general public. There weren’t any bad reviews, they’re just not selling.

I am taking action.  With a nudge from editor Staci, and my author friend, Barbara Huffert , who kindly sent me this article to help market your book and I’m taking it seriously.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are good social venues. I am on Facebook personally but Twitter is all for my books. I need to set up an Official Facebook page to promote my works. I need to set up an Instagram account.

GoodReads is a great place as well. I get event requests all the time, so I need to learn how to set up an event for each release. Is it hard? Sometimes I feel like a media misfit when it comes to tasks such as these.

I have also signed up for Meet the Author at a local place of business and our local Barnes and Noble. I have eBooks and the Office Manager at Blushing Books advised me to use post cards for me to distribute and sign. I ordered business cards too. I haven’t had a business card since 2000!

My husband’s company has tons of graphic artists and I asked one of them to design a collage for me using all of my book covers. It really turned out awesome and I will share with you very soon!

Writing is easy compared to Marketing, but I must do it if I want to succeed!