Where does inspiration come from? For me, it’s my everyday life experiences. My relatives give me plenty of ammunition that’s for sure; god mother’s slapping the bride to be at her bridal shower; another daughter throwing the bridal shower cake in the mother’s face, again at the shower. These are true stories that I did not make up. I could go on….but then it would take the fun out of my next book.

I know this sounds inane, but for those of you who do get pedicures; has this ever happened to you? I’ve been in Texas now for six years. My stylist warned me about health issues at nail salons and I take her advice very seriously since I don’t want to get nail fungus. Here’s what happened.

I’ve been going to the recommended nail salon and the owner/manager speaks limited English. She understands what you say but her response is limited. I get it. I can’t understand a word of Vietnamese, so I give her credit.

First appointment, I’m pleased. However when I go to pay, she points to the sign which says, “Cash preferred.” Even though it’s advertised they accept Visa and Master Card…oh well.

The next several appointments go well. I come with cash, but learn the manager gets the tips. No cash to the girls who have worked on me. Okay….

Last appointment (do you notice how I say ‘appointment’ and not ‘walk in’?) It’s for 10:00. A mother brought in her four pre teen daughters as walk ins about ten minutes before ten. This took up the entire nail staff. I waited twenty minutes before she filled up the spa. I should’ve walked out, but I really needed my nails done. Twenty minutes later, I was serviced. The manager then ‘played nice’ to me by sitting down and talking to me. I felt a little uncomfortable but just played along. In my mind, I’m thinking, she knows that I am on to her. The price of five versus just one pedicure. The tip is not going to be that much.

I go to pay with cash giving her a ten and a twenty, expecting five dollars cash back. She slams the register door shut and says, “We’re even. My girls get five dollar tip!” And she walks away to answer her phone.  I was stunned! I tried to follow her but to no avail.

Do things like this happen to you? Why me?