Getting excited! I just received the final draft for my upcoming book, Intercepted, from my editor! The tentative release date is April 22, 2015. I will let you all know if it changes.

This has been a real hectic year so far for me! I need to learn how to take deep breaths before I tackle things. I do find now that I’m older, I don’t tolerate being taken advantage of lately. I used to go home and beat myself up if something happened but not anymore.

Yes, I let the offender have it yesterday. I might be petite, but don’t mess with me. Yes, you did offer me something as a compromise and you had to send in the biggest person you employed to deal with me…so what? My husband is six foot five and I’ve dealt with big people for half my life, so you don’t scare me!

What you fail to realize, I am still going to write your boss….so beware! Never mess with an angry woman!!