I survived! I am now SVT – free! I just have to tell you about the surgery because I felt like I was in a hospital of the future.They put me on a special magnetic table where I was hooked up with magnets on my heart to simulate the electrical system of the heart. Then there was a very large computer screen that showed a three dimensional display of my heart.

I was given gas for the procedure because I’m so hyper, I needed to be knocked out. However, I wasn’t totally knocked out when they were trying to locate the errant tissue. Within ten  minutes in, the surgeon found it immediately. Of course I looked at my heart. I could see the blood running through the chambers of my heart in a fast moving red stream. Sure enough, there were tissues that stood straight up during the flow, literally knocking things out of place.

Then I was heavily sedated while they cauterized those tissues. Don’t remember any of that. I had to lie still for six hours and then they kept me overnight for observation. Let it be told, you never get rest at the hospital. I guess it’s okay because the nurses only are checking up on you for your well being.

The surgical nurse, who was excellent by the way, told me it is not uncommon to experience ‘phantom’ attacks. I will feel the symptoms of one about to occur because the brain still thinks that tissue is there. It never happens, thank goodness!

Also, one of my father’s favorite antique clocks which fell off the wall two years ago, has been repaired! It’s now hanging and ticking away happily. I know my father is smiling down at me from heaven!

Since this has been a really quiet week, I was able to get working on my next book. Excited about it!
Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers!