I would like to dedicate this Blog to my friend, boss and co worker, David Rupp, who passed away this past Tuesday of a massive heart attack. He was only fifty-nine years old and leaves behind a very distraught wife and daughter.

He was an intelligent individual and had a quest for knowledge that was unstoppable. He started his career at the craft vendor, Dimensions, located in Reading, PA. Dimensions started as creating needle crafts and grew into a multi line business of various crafts. In was purchased by Wilton in 2008 and with the exception of about twenty people, the plant in Reading was closed down. The jobs were moved to Chicago, where Wilton is located and the plant operations were outsourced to China.

Dave started in the plant but soon became the IT guru for the entire company. He taught himself AS400 programming and built the company’s computer system. I came on board with the company in 2006 and worked for Dave. I had some AS400 experience but having a background in computers, I caught on quickly.

Not only was he intelligent, he was gentle, kind and had the patience of a saint. If you had a problem with your computer, he would drop whatever he was doing to help you. Same with me. If I had to help someone with their computer or printer and I couldn’t solve it, he was right there to assist me.

Dave also knew I was struggling to become a published author. He would encourage me to look at various websites that would enhance my writing style; classes I could take at the local community colleges. He said he would gladly read what I had written but I never did share it with him. Come on! I write romance and he was definitely a guy’s guy.

I hadn’t seen him in about five years, but we kept in touch via LinkedIn. After the breakup of Dimensions, he did some work at another business in Reading but was laid off. The last I had heard, he had been doing some contract work on the west coast.

I miss you already, Dave. You will always have a place in my heart.