As I have written previously, my husband is a huge sports fan. Being from Chicago, he is partial to Chicago sports teams. He is a die hard Cubs fan and sadly to report, he lost his hero on Friday. Yes, Ernie Banks died.

All day yesterday, he wore one of his many Cubs jerseys and today when he went to play golf? Yup! Another Cubs jersey. Yes, he is very sentimental. The funny thing, is that my father who served in two wars, never showed his daughters any emotions to that extent. Yes, he would say he felt badly or it’s a shame, but that was it. My father was trusted with Military Intelligence and could keep a secret forever too which always made me wonder. I think that is what attracted me to my husband. You always know where you stand with him.

On another note, I have traveled quite extensively to other countries and most of the United States. I have to admit in the States, my favorite places is of course, Texas, but ranking at a tie is Virginia and Arizona and New Mexico. As a matter of fact, my submitted, but not yet published book, takes place in Scottsdale, AZ.

I bring this up because my nephew and his girlfriend are working/vacationing in Scottsdale. When I sat down and wrote the book, I had no idea they were going to be there. I did my research from the many times we’ve been there and I am flattered they have reached out to me for help in what to do. They are avid golfers, so that was the easy part. Now they are in Sedona, which I absolutely love and I encouraged them to visit not only Flagstaff, but Jerome, where every day is Halloween.

I will freely admit it. I am jealous as hell! I wish I was there!!!