I did it! I finally finished and submitted Intercepted! My New Year’s resolution is never to take that long to finish a book again!

I’ve already started my next and am working feverishly on the research. It’s funny. You think you know a subject being exposed to it for years on end, but then you sit down to write a story around it and come to a complete halt. Thank goodness for experts to talk to and of course, Google!

I have a Facebook account, a Twitter account and a Goodreads account. Well, this week, I met the nicest person on Goodreads who has been following my Twitter through mutual authors. Thanks, Lorena!

The sun finally came back to Texas on Thursday. We had a stretch of ten days without sunshine and it can really affect your outlook on life. Now, after work, I can take a long walk through the neighborhoods and clear my mind and lessen my¬†stress. I feel so energized; ready to tackle the world. And drive my husband crazy with; “Why don’t we do this? Tackle that?”

Do you see where I am? On my laptop. Nothing is getting tackled. lol.