I don’t know about you, but there are some things I find so humbling. What do I mean? Thinking about what I was going to write about this morning, I had it all planned out. It was a big event for my family; the purchase of a new (well, new to us) vehicle. We traded in our beloved but ‘going down hill really fast’ 1999 car.

But yesterday, while I was talking to a friend and his wife who have been going through a really rough patch in their life, suddenly stopped the conversation because of concerns of the pet. I later found out, their beloved pet of eight years, had a seizure and died in their arms. My heart broke into tiny pieces over the news.

Not able to have children and even those who do have children, pets are a part of our family. We lost our Indiana Jones over five years ago and have yet to get another pet. I want to, but my husband doesn’t want to go through the pain of watching them pass on. But I remember the love and joy they bring.

Also, I want to wish better luck to my friends. Her mother passed away the day after Thanksgiving; he lost his job of fifteen years on Friday and now they lost their pet on Saturday. Things can only get better. May God Bless.