Heard from my editor this week! For the Love of Par is going to be released on 11/23/2014!! Look for it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble! As soon as I get the cover art, I will share it with you.

Also, guess what? We are to have a chance of snow today. For those of you who know me, I detest snow. With a passion. No, it isn’t pretty to me at all. I was born in MA, lived in New York, Illinois, PA and when asked if I would mind moving to Dallas, I said yes, in a heartbeat. My husband neglected to tell me, there is an chance of snow here but it melts right away because the temps go up quickly during the day. Need I remind you of the Super Bowl a couple of years ago when the roads were impassable for almost four days? Or how about last year on 12/6, we had an ice storm which left the roads in terrible condition for four days? I am not liking this….

Also, my husband didn’t mention how people do not know how to drive in the snow down here and your best bet is just to stay inside until it melts. I really like living here but I wish the city of Dallas and its surrounding communities would get their act together on how to handle the winter!