As a writer, I do have an active imagination. I am working on my next book, currently untitled, and have so much to put into words but I haven’t had the time. It is so frustrating! Everyday this week, something has come up for me to tend to first and by that time, it’s time for dinner.

My husband believes in together time and likes me to sit with him to watch some evening shows. Not always but the majority of the time. I can’t argue with him there. I enjoy his company.  I would love to lock myself in a room for at least five hours to get everything in my head on paper. Or on my saved file on my laptop. But, careful what you wish for, right?

I’ve also learned I need to toughen up. I let too many selfish people get to me. I need to realize I can’t let them get me down. For the unselfish population; a very big thank you!