It has been an interesting week; lots of ups and downs. I guess I just don’t understand people anymore. I don’t understand why they are friendly one moment and not friendly the next? It’s like I don’t know how to approach them when I see them again. Are they going to talk to me or just wave me off?

I think that is why writing and reading agree with me. I get along with all of my characters. They are nice to me and I know what to expect of them…sometimes they will throw me for a loop, but all in all, we have a good relationship. Then, there is nothing but pleasure to lose myself in a good read as well.

However, the good moments have been time spent with my family. This week, we’ve all gotten along with lots of laughter in the house. The weather finally cooled down and we were able to take outside walks. We have a weekend where no yard work has to be done and we actually went out to lunch, something we haven’t done in a long time.

This morning, we don’t have to rush to the sports bar to watch our NFL games. We play in the late afternoon, so it’s been a lovely morning of homemade waffles; reading the Sunday paper and doing the puzzles, all in our pajamas. Love the lazy mornings!