Yes! My next book, For the Love of  Par has been accepted!

In other news, I have run myself into the ground. I know last week, I wrote about our friend and our whirlwind trip to Chicago over the weekend. It gets even busier. My trusted treadmill, which I’ve had for eleven years died. I literally ran it into the ground because I do an hour or more every day on it.

After I wrote my blog on Sunday, I ran to the sporting goods store and ordered a new treadmill. Also, I finally got the PDF file for Not Just an Act to review for any changes I wanted to make, so I worked on that.

Monday, I had a mammogram. Also on Monday, my daughter had a hearing with the unemployment board about why they denied her claim. I know, she’s old enough to fight her own battles, but still when you see where someone is wronged by manipulative people, you want to join in. It was hard for me to sit on my hands. Still don’t know the outcome of that….

On Wednesday, my new treadmill was delivered, however, I started to feel really tired. I knew I was coming down with something…

Thursday, I cleaned my house only because of the dust balls from my old treadmill being carried downstairs to the curb for garbage pickup and the packaging droppings from the new one. Afterwards, I couldn’t move a muscle. Yup! I got sick with a really bad cold.

My nose is red and I am in a daze even though the label on the OTC package says non-drowsy. I hate to think what would happen if I took the heavy stuff!

So, lots of Vitamin C and plenty of rest for the weekend….and there’s still lots to do….I am not a good patient at all!