My husband went on a much needed ‘guys’ golf trip last week. My husband is a guy kind of guy. Growing up, I always got along better with men than I did women. I had tons of guy friends. When I met my husband, I was attracted to him because he always did things which were fun and there were tons of his friends who treated me as one of the guys. I loved it! When we were first married in Illinois, we would always go fishing. I tried going with him, but it just wasn’t the same. I could not eat Cheerios with beer for breakfast and if I had to pee, I just couldn’t hide out in the woods. I’m squeamish about some things… Same with golf. I would go with him but there was no way I could play like he and his friends could.  I would just end up driving the cart, talking too much to the other guys who came along with us and critiquing his game. Yes…he needed time with the guys.

Now that we are in Dallas, he works with all women. As we women know, we can have our ‘moods’ which you can tolerate in a loved one and a best friend, but not necessarily a co-worker. I can tell you truthfully, since this in a satellite office with no boss in sight, some of these women really take advantage of their freedom. When my husband tells me of their antics, I am so tempted to go into the office and fire them myself! So without further ado, when he mentioned this trip last year, he had my total cooperation.

I took advantage of this time to write and write I did. I am deep into another sports romance and feeling really good about this work. As I work on the finishing touches of my upcoming book, Not Just an Act, I have a question to ask: How important is the Cover Art to your purchase of a book?