This week flew by. First off, I submitted my fifth book to my publisher. I had been working on it since May and it was way past time to finish it. After two days rest, I started my sixth one. Really, it’s my eighth one. I have two books which I wrote back in the early 2002.They are romantic suspense mysteries. The thing is, they are so poorly written and technology has changed so drastically, they are very outdated. Maybe one of these days, I will dust them off and revisit them. We shall see.

It seems I’m always running errands. I know my family takes advantage of me since I work from home. My husband is preparing for a guy’s golf week which I have to laugh! He’s going to have to do his own laundry! Yikes! Four guys in a two bedroom condo. Glad I won’t be there!

My daughter has fallen on a rough patch in her life and I’m trying to help her. She does have a positive attitude which is great. I just wish there were nicer people out there.

The thing is, here in Dallas, neighborhoods are not really friendly. I just don’t get it. Yes, you have neighbors you don’t like and don’t bother with them, but I’ve never lived in an area where you barely know your neighbor’s name. They are too busy with their kids and church/mosques to bother. I always tried to be the ambassador of our neighborhood by bringing cookies and introducing myself to new neighbors. Won’t do that again. They haven’t spoken to me since. Well, the ones who haven’t have already moved.

I have many good friends in the area and they feel the same way about their neighbors too. I guess it must be a Dallas thing. More involved in your religion than your neighbors. Oh well. It gives me time to write.

It was the first week of school here! The library was blissfully quiet! Also, there was ample parking in front of our local Barnes and Noble and other shopping malls. It’s the little things in life which make me happy!