I have to laugh at my husband, Jim, who is really against social media. To this day, he refuses to join Facebook or Twitter and relies solely on emails or texts. So when my friend, Kathy called out to me to accept the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, funny how he was all over it.

As the instructions stated, I had twenty-four hours to accept this challenge. Jim must have called me at least three times from work asking if I had done it yet because he wanted me to send him the video. Let’s not forget I’m working! At three in the afternoon, when it was at least one hundred degrees in Dallas, I took the challenge. Of course, the first run through (without using the bucket), I ended up doubled over in giggles. Really? At my age?? Once I sobered up, I did get through it successfully. I sent the picture and my list of challenges which included Jim to Facebook then went back to work.

Jim couldn’t get home fast enough to do his video. However, he had to include his favorite football team, the Bears, and ended his video by jumping into the pool fully clothed. For the rest of the night, he occupied my phone reading the ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ on Facebook. Will he now get his own account? Ha!

Back to work. I finished my next book, another romantic sports themed comedy. I plan to send it to my publisher but I need to review it one more time before I turn it over to my mentors to read for their comments and suggestions. I started last week and have reworked parts where I repeat myself or where I don’t like where my characters led me that day when I sat down to write.

Also, I heard from my new editor on my current book in production and am waiting for those edits.

What is my next book going to be about? Sports? Series? What do you suggest?