I am a very optimistic person. You can knock me down, but I will get right back up. However, I think this week really took some punches to me and until last night, I felt really down in the dumps.

– My daughter was let go from her job all because of politics. Its a lesson learned. It wasn’t a very good  job but at least it was something in today’s economy. She was an assistant teacher at a Montessori school. She was on camera constantly because parents could watch the teachers’ interactions with the students. Parents would sit and watch for hours. (which I couldn’t understand. Wouldn’t you want to interact with your child yourself?) However, the director would make all the decisions and the teachers would have to abide by them whether they agreed or not. This summer my daughter worked full time as a floater. Who ever needed the help, she had to go. Why they let her go? Because of her not being in a classroom full time, she was deemed inconsistent. She showed up for work early everyday and stayed late. Didn’t matter. Boss wanted to save her own job and my daughter happened to be the scapegoat.

– After living fifteen years in a neighborhood with nice neighbors, we have moved into a not so friendly one. I get it. Everyone has their own agenda and because it’s so big, a lot of people don’t want to be bothered. We have a few good eggs that wave when they drive by but that’s all it is. A wave.
Now we have a new neighbor who is very inconsiderate of anyone but themselves. They have the biggest house in the subdivision and think they own the street. Unfortunately, they give the true meaning to the term, “The Ugly Texas American”. Garish, over the top and loud.

– Lack of communication. I feel frustrated when I send an email when something has been promised to me  and has not been; the email is ignored. I find it very unprofessional.

So, I was down. Saturday night, my husband took me along with his business partners, for dinner. In his office, there is a young lady in her thirties. Two years ago, they think she had a stroke. She was pregnant with her second child and her blood pressure shot up really high. This poor woman has been through hell and back trying to find out what is really wrong with her. It’s like her sensory system is out of whack. She has been in constant therapy for two years; testing constantly for a cure. She has two young children under the age of five and is trying to work at least thirty hours a week. Her attitude is amazing! She is upbeat and positive and refuses to let this condition get her down.
Being with her, was my lesson learned. I can do it! I will take the high road!