I am writing this from my husband’s man cave. We have Verizon Fios for our internet provider and for some reason, I have a very low signal from my office upstairs. Gosh, he’s got a lot of clutter in here but I can’t say anything because its his space, not mine!

It was an expensive week. My husband was in Chicago for the first part of the week. He just had to send pictures of my favorite Chicago restaurants where he ate. Portillos Hot Dogs (they have onion rings do die for) and Aurelios pizza. Really? My mouth watered with jealously!

I get up on Wednesday morning only to find the extension arm of our garage door opener ripped out of the garage door itself, narrowly missing my car and my daughter’s car. Also, because of it, I couldn’t manually open the garage door to get out. I am only five feet tall and barely weigh one hundred pounds.

I called for the repairman and he came around noon. My daughter had to call her boss to come get her for work, which she did. That meant I had to pick her up and spoiled her after work plans. Sorry! The repairman installed a metal plate in the garage door so the arm will not rip out again. He also pointed out that our rollers on the door, which are plastic, are cracking and needed to be replaced. $$$$

Then our pool guy came, only to point out that the axle and wheels had fallen off our Polaris and needed to be repaired. I swear animals party in our pool at night. This is the second time this year it’s happened!!! Oh, by the way? More $$$$$!!

All of this happens when my husband is not home. I’m getting good at this repair stuff!

I worked really hard on my golf romance manuscript this week and am close to finishing it. Of course it’s not ready to be sent to my new publisher, Blushing Books. Yes. Lazy Day Publishing has been acquired by Blushing Books. It’s all seamless and Bethany, the owner, is very nice and I look forward to working with her and her staff!

They still have my fourth book, Not Just an Act and am awaiting a release date for it. I have outlined a next book, but put it to the side to finish the golf romance.

Today was yard work, where I mowed and my husband followed me with the trimmer and the hedger. I know my neighbors were probably not pleased because I started it around eight this morning. I know, but when the temps are 94F at nine in the morning and rising, I like to get it done while the temps are somewhat tolerable.

Hope to relax….yeah. I don’t think the word relax is in my dictionary!