What a whirl of a vacation! I told you about the wedding but now I need to tell you about the rest of the vacation!

We went to Colonial Williamsburg, VA for the week. I just love Virginia. It is such a pretty state. The only relaxing day I had was on Tuesday when my husband played golf and I stayed behind and relaxed by the pool!

Let me preface by saying, my husband and I, when we first started dating were roller coaster junkies. We went on everything we could. One of the reasons we love Williamsburg is because of Busch Gardens. Starting in 1991, we went every year.

As we got older, we started going every other year. Why? We discovered Hawaii and didn’t want to waste every vacation in Williamsburg. Did this stop us from roller coasters? Absolutely not. Where we lived in Pennsylvania, we were only an hour away from Hershey Park and Dorney Park.

Then we moved to Texas where there is Six Flags. Let me tell you, the thought of standing in long lines in the Texas heat didn’t really appeal to us. It has been a while since I’ve been on a coaster. (2008 to be exact!) When we went to Disney World in March, I went on the Harry Potter coaster and got a little sick to my stomach.

This Williamsburg vacation had my husband really excited. He couldn’t wait to go on the rides. Okay. I’m not old, but I’m no spring chicken either. With my SVT (fast heartbeat) acting up more often than I want it to, I was a little apprehensive about this journey.

Monday, we were at the park at 10. First couple of rides were just okay. By four, I kind of had had it. But I did learn something important; keep you head forward. That way, you don’t bang your brain stem on the back of the seat. Learned that the hard way!

On Wednesday, we were back at it again. This time we got kicked out of the park due to some pretty bad storms. I found myself a little disappointed  because now I looked forward to the rides.

Thursday, in the rain, we did the old town tour. We just love the way Colonial Williamsburg has made a day so enjoyable with great actors and actresses portraying the trying times of that era.
We ate at one of the taverns and also snuck in a wine tour.

Friday? Back at the park. Finally, around 4 (only because we had to pack) my husband conceded he had had enough of the rides.

By the way, as an author, I had become pretty frustrated on my book I’m working on. My characters were not talking to me as I sat in front of my laptop; fingers poised on the keyboard…nothing. Who came to life while I was on these rides? My characters. I had to write things down when I got back to the condo. So, this week I look forward to fine tuning my story!