I don’t remember when I’ve ever been so busy? I remember back when I worked on craft projects while pulling sixty hour weeks at work, raising a child, entertaining the family with weekend dinners. When I get to the weekend as of late and I see many unfinished projects, I just shake my head.

I’m busy writing is what it is. I don’t count how many words I write or how many hours a day I devote to writing because when the ideas are fresh in my mind, I find myself writing for hours on end. There are other days where my mind is blank and I think my characters are taking a couple of days off. That’s when I catch up on other things such as lawn and house work and other work I do on a part time basis.

It’s almost July 1. It’s summer and where has the time gone? I feel like I’ve lost a month…..can I have it back? I need to work on some time management!!!