I finally got out to play a round of golf with my husband this Friday afternoon. Now granted, I’ve been with him plenty of times; when we were first dating and I was determined to play golf, after we got married and then during all of our vacations. I am a very competitive person and not the best loser. Neither is he. We have learned to be happy, is not to play games against each other but to try to be on the same team. It’s the only way we can survive as a couple. But back to the story.

Jim is a very good golfer and I mean very good. He’s been playing since he was twelve and was on his high school and college golf team. Never a pro but in his prime, he could’ve made it. The harder a course, the more he likes it. As a novice, I tried to play with him. On the first shot, he would hit the ball about two hundred and fifty yards to my fifty feet. After about nine holes, I had had it. Yes, I kept trying but I became very discouraged and when people played with us? It was downright embarrassing. I finally found out I was happiest drinking beer and driving the cart.

When we would go on vacation, I would ride with him and take pictures of the scenery for my scrapbook. I would keep my ears open to golf terminology and what club he would use so I could hold a golf conversation with the best of them.

When I decided to write my new book about a lady professional golfer, the world of golf took on a new meaning. I did my research on past players as well as the current contenders. After reading some reviews from Flag in the Play where I didn’t get technical enough (and I know football!!!) I decided I want this book to be perfect!

We started off by ourselves and soon joined up with a threesome of guys on the fourth hole. They were struggling with the game. They kind of rolled their eyes when they saw me, you know. A woman golfer. When they learned I was just observing for my book, they became a little self conscious of their game and every time they made a bad shot, they would turn to me and say, ‘don’t put that in your book!’. I told them the story is a comedy and I wouldn’t dream of it. However? I did learn a lot of terms from this (not all swear words, mind you) but Jim doesn’t make the kind of shots these guys did. Also, I learned about the game called ‘Wolf’ and how to bet on your game. Of course, they don’t do that in the tournaments but I can see where this might come in handy.

Hopefully, I found some new followers who are looking forward to this coming story!