It has been a busy week for me. I really don’t know where the time goes!
First off, I’ve been working on my next book which is another sports romance. This time, it involves a member of the LPGA and her love story.

I’ve played golf but I can’t play with my husband. The two of us are too competitive and are at different levels of playing. I ride in the cart with him every now and then but that’s about it. I watch the PGA on television and have been to many tournaments as well.

As I’ve researched the LPGA for my story, I’m finding there is a lot of differences between the PGA and LPGA. I want my story to be as accurate as it can be, so my husband insisted I go with him on his weekend golf treks, with a notebook in hand, to get the ‘feel’ for the club to use on various shots.  I agreed.

Last Sunday, I got up at five-forty in the morning to take a shower to accompany him for his 8 AM tee time. I’m thinking what the hell am I doing since Sunday is my day to sleep in. But I tried and then I had an SVT attack and landed up in the ER, so we missed the tee time.

This weekend, my husband insisted on playing golf on both Saturday and Sunday to make up for last weekend. We agreed for me to maybe go on Sunday and let him have his day on Saturday.

You know, we are in a severe drought here in North Texas, down ten inches of rain. Every bit of rain helps. The weatherman said there would be a thirty percent chance of rain in the morning but the biggest would be Sunday evening where the percentage would increase to at least sixty.

So it’s Sunday, I get up once again at the crack of dawn and go out to get the paper. It’s not raining, but when I came back in, I find my husband furiously attacking his iPhone with our local weather app and sure enough, we are in the thirty percent coverage. I looked out the window and the rain is pouring down. My husband looks at me and comments about how this is a gentle rain and he can still play. I told him I am not sitting in a cart in the pouring rain with a notebook and pen getting drenched. He looked at me as if I had lost my mind and was giving up an opportunity of a lifetime.

I’m home, staying dry and working on my blog while he’s somewhere on the course playing in the rain. I think I’ll work on another part of the book and leave the golf questions for him when I run into them. Working smart!